Genista c1900

Photo: Baillieu family

The Genista, 83 tons, 80/91×19.5×7.5 feet, ON 93522, was built in 1886 at Lavender Bay, Sydney at James Halstead’s yard. The Genista was bought by the Western Port Bay and Flinders Steamship Company in 1889. She initially ran from San Remo to Cowes, Rhyll, Newhaven and San Remo. Her last job was carrying drums of petrol from the tanker Vincas to the shore at Stony Point in 1933. She was then laid up at Rhyll and was partially dismantled.

The Ventnor

Ventnor at Cowes 1923
Photo: P. W. Hutchinson.

The cargo steamer Oscar, 73 feet, was built at Footscray for Carlton & United Breweries in 1874. She carried beer barrels to Williamstown and also towed ketches to and from Little Dock on the Yarra. Oscar was bought by Phillip Island and Western Port Steam Shipping Company in 1922 for carrying cargo, and re-named Ventnor.

Ventnor in the Yarra River
Photo: Alan Green. State Library of Victoria Collection.

Ventnor commenced running in January 1923 but proved uneconomic as she had no condenser to convert the steam back to water and the only place she could get water was on the Stony Point pier which meant she had to lay there overnight to fill up. She was laid up at Rhyll and later dismantled, her remains buried in the sand beneath the playground at Rhyll.

Ventnor rudder and stern post
Photo: A. E. Hutchinson.

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